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Author(s) Title

Ament, Jennifer Rose; Pérez-Vidal, Carmen English Medium Instruction (EMI) Describing Pragmatic Input and competence in the University Context

Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain
Bradford, Annette Overcoming the Challenges of Teaching Content in English at Japanese Universities: Strategies for Promoting Content Acquisition

Meiji University, Japan
Claflin, Matthew Tracking, supporting and developing reading skills outside of class

Kyoto Sangyo University, Japan
Fitriyah, Siti Masrifatul (1,2) Maximising the potential of ESP to facilitate Indonesian Student Teachers to succeed in CLIL courses

1: University of Jember, Indonesia; 2: University of Manchester, United Kingdom
López-Molina, Luis Linkedin as a social network to help to improve English level among students in Industrial Engineering techniques

Universidad de Cádiz, Spain
Moreno, P.J., Puentes, C., Ferrándiz, E., Flores, E., Acosta, M., Coronado, D. An academic competition to enhance students’ performance in the classroom

Universidad de Cádiz (SPAIN)
Ngoepe, Lucia Junia Monitoring the quality of integrated content and language through student evaluations

University of Limpopo, South Africa
Oliveros Domínguez, Diana (1); Diaz, Yoennis (1); Guerrero Oms, Jorge (1); Baten, Lut (2) CATFLAg - a new e-learning alternative to improve foreign language teaching

1: University of Orient, Cuba; 2: University of Leuven, Belgium
Rodríguez, Nuria Hurtado A first CLIL experience in Computer Sciences subjects

Universidad de Cádiz (SPAIN)
Roquet, Helena A Case Study on Language Learning Contexts and Beliefs of Multilingual University Students

Pompeu Fabra University, Spain
Soidla, Evelyn Designing and implementing the CLIL course: Teaching teachers to teach English based on the example of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences

Academy of Security Sciences, Estonia
Vázquez, Elisa Guerrero  A first CLIL experience in Computer Sciences subjects

Universidad de Cádiz (SPAIN)
Vande Casteele, An A research and teaching activity on Spanish language learner’s pragmatic competence

Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
Zappa-Hollman, Sandra; Fox, Joanne Alison Designing curricula with an integrated content and language learning model in a first-year university program for Non-Anglophone students. UBC Vantage College, University of British Columbia, Canada



Poster Colloquium: CLIL Tandems: UCA/ULB online collaboration

Jennifer Valcke and Elena Romero Alfaro An ICLHE Teacher Training Experience: An Inter-Universtiy Virtual Project Between the Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium) and Universidad de Cádiz (Spain)

 Inmaculada Menacho Jiménez, Elisa Guerrero Vázquez and Jesús Barrena (UCA) Tandem, Threesome and Reflective Audio Journal: Learning Together Using ICT Tools

Esther Ferrándiz León and Nieves Gómez Aguilar (UCA) Pedagogical Planning to Keep Moving Towards Bilingual Teaching: Design, Progress, Diversity

Patricia Sabbatella and Luis López Molina (UCA) Improving Language Skills: Evaluating the Process

Juan Manuel Piñero, Nuria Hurtado Rodríguez and José Ignacio Navarro Guzmán (UCA) Improving Pedagogical Strategies: Discussing Views, Sharing Experience

Michel Remi Njiki and Rosalía Díaz Carrión (UCA) English in Higher Education and ICLHE, but What Does it Really Mean? Debating on the Playing Field

Victoria Quesada Serra and Mercedes Ruiz Carreira (UCA) Motivation and Learning Strategies at University: ICLHE or Just Best Practice?

Alejandro del Valle Gálvez, Daniel Lorenzo Gómez and Higinio Sánchez Sáinz (UCA) From Threesomes to Journal and Back: Updating the Training Proposal
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